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DO NOT PURCHASE A DRESS FROM STACY'S BRIDAL IN DES MOINES! They screwed my sister over so bad.

She purchase a wedding dress and a week later, she called to come in and try it on again and they told her that they messed up and it's discontinued so unless she wants the dress on the rack she'll have to find a new dress. She was very upset, but did find a new dress, however, this dress was also discontinued. It just so happened though that the dress on the rack fit her very well, however, there were some things wrong with it. The gal that had been helping her said that because of the first mistake she made, she would place cups in the dress, fix the threads and do some other touch ups for free, but stated that my sister shouldn't say anything because the owner shouldn't find out.

The associate said it would take 2 weeks to do all of this work. After 2 months, my sister demanded the dress and the only thing done was the breast cups. My sister stated that she wanted to take the dress and bring it back before the wedding to have everything else done. She didn't trust the dress stay there for the next 8 months.

The associate agreed and said to bring it back 1 month before the wedding. My sister tried the dress on this last weekend and the bra cups were not even and then all of a sudden, one of them popped out. She went into Stacy's with the dress and spoke with Stacy, the owner. Stacy wouldn't not listen to my sister at all and said she didn't care what she was promised by one of her employees.

She said that when you take the dress out of the store, they are done. Stacy was very rude and yelling at my sister in the middle of the store and not even listening. What kind of customer service is that.

She is rude and doesn't care about the customer, the only thing she cares about is her and not taking blame for anything and doesn't make anything right.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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I totally agree with you! We went to Stacey's for my sisters prom dress.

The staff was rude and our consultant never helped us! I stepped in as my sister's consultant. I found the dress and as soon as the staff saw that she had it on for awhile, they started decking her out in jewelry, as if they had been there the whole time! That's just the half of it!

They were rude whenever we asked about the dress, or emailed to find out about it. Stacey, was a ***. Her business isn't going to last long.

I hope it goes out of business because they're so rude there! That'll teach them!

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