My one year old daughter and I went into Staceys to help my mom find a formal dress for theZagazig Shrines Potentates ball.As we were takin to the dress part i asked the store associate if they had a changing table in their restroom as i needed to change my babys diaper because we had a long drive to gt there she said no thy ddnt,walked my mom back to find a dress i styed up by the fitting rooms and asked another girl if i could change my daughter on the floor there she said that was fine so as i was changing her WET diaper Stacey the owner came out and yelled from across the store "do you have a mat under her?" I said no she said "well you shouldnt be changing her there we bring out thousands of dollar dresses thete i said shes just wet its not a big deal. She said"yes it is that is not a bathroom"i said it would help if you had a changing table in your restroom she stated that chilren are not usually INVITED into her store!!!!

I was pissed i told her she was discriminating and treating me like trash because i changed my daughter on the floor of her store i got my mom and left!!!

She was just rude disrectful and discriminatory. WORST PLACE IVE EVER BEEN

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Your fault for being nasty.


A lot of bridal stores don't allow children and for good reason! You are exhibit A!


Zagazig Shrines Potenates Ball? WTF!!!!!! By the way you are trash and a horrible parent.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #613534

You could have changed her in the car. Also, I don't know what in heavens name people did to change their kids before any stores had changing tables in the rest rooms. I would be willing to bet the kids got changed in the car.

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